Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Your course prices are lower than a lot of other RTO’s, do you offer less?

No, as an online provider we deliver most of our courses in a digital format instead of textbooks lowering the resource cost. We also operate out of a central office. Many providers have campuses across Australia, and of course have higher overheads than First Choice Training. We do not believe you should have to pay more for a course that is of a national standard.


Q: Are your course’s Centerlink Approved?

A: There is generally some confusion surrounding this subject. Generally what people mean is “Am I entitled to Centerlink benefits while I study this course?” The courses are all nationally accredited and AQF approved. You will need to contact Centerlink to determine if you are eligible for benefits while studying a self-paced course.


Q: Do you outsource your training, assessing or any part of your RTO?

A: No. While it is a seemingly new trend for RTO’s to outsource their training, assessing and marketing to India and the Philippines, we believe that quality Australian courses can only be provided by Australian assessors, who actually know the Australian training industry and work with the material.


Q: I have seen one of your courses offered over a 5 day course with another provider, why are you saying that it is unreasonable for me to complete your course in this timeframe?

A: ASQA (the national regulator for all RTO’s) stipulates that the proposed amount of training for each nationally recognized course is consistent with the requirements of the training package. According to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) the minimum volume of learning for a certificate IV level course is 6 months. This begs the question of how a provider can offer you a full cert IV course in 5 days and how it can be of any real standard or value in the workplace.



Q: Do you keep my credit card details on record after I have paid?

A: No. Any credit card payments through our system are only viewed by St George Bank and we have no record. Nor do we ever view your credit card details.


Q: Is this a secure site?

A: Yes it is. At First Choice Training, we respect your privacy and the security of your information. Please be assured that any information or data provided by you to us is completely protected and is kept confidential. No other party has access to your information. When making a payment to us via your credit card, we do not have access to your credit card details.


Q: Are you a Registered Training Organisation?

A: Yes we are. We are registered on the National Training Information Service Website. Our registered Training Organisation number is 31707. You should always look for the Nationally Recognised Training logo before you commence any online training.


Q: I have paid for my course by credit card but I can't find it in my inbox?

A: Due to high security settings with certain email accounts, your log in details may have been sent to your junk mail. Please check your junk mail first and if unsuccessful please contact us on 1300 800 390.


Q: Can you use the same email address for more than one user?

A: No. To protect your internet security we have designed our system so that your email address can only be used for the one person. You may however access all of our courses for the one person with that email address.


Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: Yes we do! PayPal is set upon receipt of your payment to automatically issue your course to your designated email account. This will generally take no longer than 15 minutes to arrive. If your course has not been received during this time, please check your junk mail section, as security settings on your computer may have directed your course material to that area.



Q: How do I get my certificate?

A: Your certificate will be posted to you with in seven to thirty days of achieving competency in your final unit for your course.


Q: I don't have a credit card how else can I pay?

A: There are a few different payment methods available with First Choice Training. You may pay using your PayPal account. You may also perform a bank transfer through either online or by direct bank deposit. These details can all be found at the time of registering.



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